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Remove duplicate scrobbles in your library of

for firefox 26.0 and maybe Safari. NOT for chrome or opera.
Use me at your own risk.
Here is infomation about Duplicate scrobbles.
And they say we should be patient not to delete those duplicate scrobbles.
Unfortunately I am not patient. I have removed a bunch of duplicates, and I think there is no extra problem.
If you want to delete duplicate scrobbles, you can use this page at ur own risk.
If you hava any comment, please feel free to write them to me at here. thank you.
user name of
Search duplicate scrobbles
1.Input values of [start page] and [how many pages] you want to check.
2.Click [check] button. Or simply click the button [check as much as I can].
A page is supposed to have 50 scrobbles. If you click [check as much as I can], I will try to get scrobbles as much as I can and I don't know how much they are. If you want to stop loading them, click [stop checking].
I don't know how many pages you have.

how many seconds of difference do you think the same tracks that were scrobbled dupilicatedly have?
duplicate scrobbles that you have found. they are targets to remove when you click the [Remove] button.
Authorize Me and Get A Session
This is required when you remove your records.
Click [Authorize] and do it on the new window
After [Authorize] Click the [Session].
If there are a token and a session, you don't have to get new ones, unless they haven't been expired.
Remove Listed duplicate scrobbles
Once duplicate scrobbles are removed, they won't recover.
Often you can re-find those duplicate scrobbles that you have removed with this page. I don't know why.
Click [refresh] button, it might vanish those ghost scrobbles.

Once you press [Remove], do push ups or something to kill time.
[Refresh] does [Scrobble A DUMMY TRACK], [Get Recent Tracks] and [Remove The DUMMY Scrobble]. I am not sure it clear cashe of API, but I assume so. Try one or two times.
[FYI] The Last Removed (or removing) Scrobble Information.
extra information